Worship of God does us Good!

I believe worship of God does us good. I grew up going to church, singing hymns and hearing Bible stories. I grew up with a sense of what it is to worship. It seems a natural impulse to me, but I appreciate that many people didn’t and the whole thing seems a different language, like, say, Japanese sounds to me, fine for the Japanese, but meaningless to me.


Then again, I think to worship – which means to declare the great worth of something or someone – is a natural instinct for all of us. We can all stare in wonder at a sunset over the sea. We can all gaze into a lover’s eyes. We can all be struck into silence by beautiful music. These experiences are, for me, close to what worship of God is. The sunset is beautiful in itself, but if we imagine or believe that the sun and the sky (and me and everything else) are created by a power, a force, a loving energy greater than all of us then that admiration and wonder can turn into worship of the One who created all things in heaven and on earth. Then the language of the Psalms, the singing of hymns, the saying of a prayer of adoration becomes a natural movement of our spirit.

Being caught up entirely in one’s own thought world, looking inwards can contract our life, whereas worshipping the idols of our age, money or success, can make us jealous of others or straining for the unobtainable. But giving worship to the God of all creation opens up our lives to wonder and beauty and a sense of gratitude and appreciation and gives life to our spirits and helps us to look out and beyond our selves. That’s why I think worship of God does us good!

With every blessing

Noel Sharp

Minister of Christ Church Tetbury